powrsthatscrewu (powrsthatscrewu) wrote in ministers_grace,

VOOT ZHOOT VOOT! (My approximation of the sound the cut-scene things make.)

Scene II: Parking Lot Outside Union Station (Night)

Police have roped off a 50' perimeter within the parking lot, much to the consternation and chagrin of the owners of the cars parked within that area. "Look," a beat cop tries to explain to the small mob of suburbanites. "It's just going to be about half an hour, our crime scene people just need to do their job and then you're free to get in your cars and go home." The officer's assurance seems lost on the mob, who all try to shout their various reasons why THEY need to leave more than everyone else over each other.

A 1996 Chrysler Sebring pulls up to the scene, and out steps...

((Open for Kate))
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